Email Validation


Email Validation 

Validate email addresses in real-time as they are being entered or in large batches, ensuring the mailboxes are genuine and can receive mail.


Loqate Email Validation goes beyond checking for an @ symbol and a valid domain to detect whether the mailbox is genuine and can receive mail. Our solution returns response fields that can be set up in the customer’s back-end system to trigger several flags as part of any identity verification or fraud alert risk processes. Loqate’s Email Validation helps businesses maintain the quality of their customer data, improve effectiveness of their account protection measures, increase their email deliverability, protect sender reputation and ensure they can effectively communicate with their customers during support and service cases, delivering premium customer experiences.

Real time Email Validation

Validate a single email address at the point of entry as part of your digital customer onboarding process.

Batch Email Validation

Validate multiple email addresses as part of your backend process. Submit requests containing up to 100,000 emails for validation and retrieve them at a later time.

Response Fields

Name Type Example Description
Status String Valid The "Status" response field in email verification helps businesses determine if an email address is valid, invalid, unknown, or if full verification is not possible. This enables informed decisions on accepting or rejecting addresses.
Email Address String The email address that verification was attempted on.
Account String testing The "Account" response field in an email validation API check is valuable to a company because it allows you to extract the account portion of an email address. This can be used for personalised communication, user categorisation, and targeted marketing efforts.
Domain String This check validates whether the domain entered exists and is properly configured. It verifies the email address's domain, ensuring reliable email delivery and reducing spam.
IsDisposible Boolean False The "IsDisposable" field in an email validation check helps prevent fraud by indicating whether the email address is associated with a disposable mailbox. This information assists in identifying potentially fraudulent activities and enables businesses to implement appropriate measures to mitigate risks.
IsSystemMailbox Boolean True The "IsSystemMailbox" field in an email validation check identifies whether the email address is a system mailbox (e.g., sales@, support@). This helps prevent fraud and allows businesses to apply specific rules and handling processes for such addresses.

Key Features

Real time validation provided via a single request API

Batch Large Volume/ASYNC API 

Validate 100,000 emails per request

Key Benefits

Sender Reputation Protection

Loqate Email Validation protects sender reputation by identifying and flagging invalid or risky email addresses, preventing businesses from sending emails that could harm their reputation.

Reduction in Support Enquiries

Loqate Email Validation reduces support inquiries by ensuring accurate email addresses, minimising customer frustration and support workload.

Database Quality Maintenance

Loqate Email Validation maintains database allows you to flag and remove outdated or invalid email addresses, helping to optimise the quality of customer records and improve and marketing efforts.

Reduce Fraud

Email validation helps reduces fraud by detecting disposable addresses, identifying suspicious domains, enhancing communication security, and improving data quality.

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