Increases email deliverability

Improve email marketing results by ensuring messages reach their destination.

Maintains email reputation

Reduce hard bounces from email campaigns and prevent emails from being blocked.

Reduces bogus registrations

An elegant alternative to CAPTCHA for preventing bogus registrations from online forms.

How it works

Email addresses are verified in real-time or in a batch. A single and easy-to-integrate API identifies invalid email addresses by validating the domain and the username via mail servers using SMTP.

Syntax checks

More than syntax checks

Beyond checking for an @ symbol and a valid domain, our service detects whether the email mailbox is genuine and can receive mail.

Works for business and consumer emails

Checks the validity of business AND personal email addresses, even for free web-mail addresses such as Hotmail and Gmail.

Try it yourself

Simply enter an email address - make a deliberate error - and click "validate".

Where to use Email Verification

Use in-house or online

By integrating Loqate's email validation into your website forms or business applications, data quality across all touchpoints is improved.

Batch cleansing

Invalid or mistyped email addresses detected and removed from your database.

Signup forms

Because Invalid or mistyped email addresses are detected as they are typed, forms can be simplified and website usability is improved.

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