Address Capture


Address Capture 

Global Address Capture Real-time type-ahead address capture powered by the world's most comprehensive and precise premise-level address data in the world.


A faster, easier way to capture addresses in real-time in any single-line address field or online form. In as few as three keystrokes, our technology will suggest complete and precise locations anywhere in the world. Even when your customer makes a mistake, such as a spelling mistake or typo, we will still match the correct address and propose the most appropriate local format. 

No matter where your customers are located, Loqate provides a faster and easier experience for them while ensuring that you are capturing accurate address data as it is being entered. Loqate’s powerful address capture API is architected to run on any application and scale to meet local or global needs. Capture is 100% Saas meaning that all updates are automatically available without the need to re implement. You can be up and running in minutes

Key Benefits

Single API for 250 countries and territories

Depth and breadth of premise level data 

Reduces address data entry time by 80%

Reduces address data input errors by 20%

Find an address in as little as three keystrokes and 150 milliseconds

Delivers localized search experience on a global scale

Key Features


Global Reference Data

Address database for 250 countries and territories containing the most comprehensive premise level location reference data in the world

Location Biasing

Prioritise search results based on the user's location, ensuring the nearest matching addresses are displayed first for a tailored and precise search experience.

Fuzzy matching

Address database for 250 countries and territories containing the most comprehensive premise level location reference data in the world

Localised searching

Searches for an address in any global character set and language


Define custom polygons to include or exclude specific geographic areas from search results, allowing for targeted and accurate search outcomes based on user-defined boundaries.

Deployment options


Global Reference Data

The Global Reference Data is Loqate’s proprietary master database which contains the most comprehensive premise level location reference data in the world, covering 250 countries and territories.

Loqate curates its reference data by securing and combining multiple data sources for each country and territory, beyond official postal authorities, with geospatial and utility companies’ datasets into a consistent and reliable single view of a location.

Location biasing

Activating location biasing, the user's input becomes a vital factor in the search process. We leverage the information provided by the user's location to prioritize addresses in proximity to their current position. This ensures that the most relevant results are displayed first, offering a seamless and tailored search experience.



Geofencing is a valuable capability offered by Loqate that allows customers to define a specific geographic area for their search requests. By creating polygons using latitude and longitude coordinates, customers can include or exclude certain regions from their search results. This functionality is particularly beneficial for customers with specific location requirements, such as differentiating between mainland and overseas territories for more accurate results.



By setting specific geographic limitations, businesses can control the regions they deliver to and effectively communicate any restrictions or additional charges to consumers in those areas. With Results Filtering, customers have the flexibility to include or exclude parameters such as postcode/zip code, city or town, county or state, country, and address type (commercial or residential). This level of control allows businesses to streamline their operations and deliver a more tailored and efficient service to their target regions.


Fuzzy Matching

By employing natural language processing, Fuzzy Matching enhances user input accuracy. It identifies anchor words, like cities, and automatically corrects other elements, such as spelling mistakes, in a user's input. This intelligent feature ensures a seamless and error-free experience, enabling users to effortlessly communicate their intended information.


Localized searching

With Localized Searching, users can effortlessly search for addresses in any global character set and language. This feature automatically supports input in various character sets and languages, ensuring a seamless search experience for users worldwide.

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