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Address Capture

Our auto-complete solution for accurate addresses to make filling in forms faster. Whether you'd like to try our tag installation to get up and running in minutes, or want to delve into our API for a more tailored solution, you'll find all you need here.

Frequently asked questions

Which way of integrating Address Capture will work best for me?

There are three main ways to integrate Address Capture, and which method is most appropriate will depend on your business and what you want to achieve. Our Ways to Integrate page takes you through each of the different methods.

How do I best take the fields from an Address Capture response and map them back to my address fields?

We provide each address in three different formats: 

  • Address label: great for displaying the complete formatted address in a single field or on an envelope
  • Address lines (recommended): use these where you have multiple address line fields. Used alongside Company, town and postal code fields most commonly 
  • Address elements: each individual element of the address (e.g. building, street) where you need to separate our the lines of an address into individual fields 

Any one of the above approaches will lead to a complete address. The full set of fields can be found in our API documentation pages

Note: It is best not to mix fields from the different formats, as this can lead to missing or duplicated information. 

Should I make my API calls client-side or server-side?

When deciding how to integrate the Address Capture APIs, your decision should take into account performance, technical complexity and, most importantly, security. Whether or not to make calls client-side or server-side is part of the decision-making process regarding security; our API Security page has a section relating to integration options, which should help you decide which option is best for you.

Is it possible to get latitude and longitude coordinates when I retrieve an address?

Yes - various additional fields are available, when you get an address from our Retrieve endpoint, and (where the data is available) this includes latitude and Longitude.  

When using the API, this is achieved by the fieldxformat parameters within the Retrieve method. In order to request the latitude and longitude you need to add them into the parameters, like below: 


This will then Return Latitude and Longitude in Field1 and Field2 in the response respectively. 

If consuming the service via the Tag method, you can enter the same input into the mappings wizard. 

Browser auto-fill is interfering with my address lookup, can I turn it off?

Yes - for the best experience when using Address Capture, we recommend you turn off the browser autofill functionality for address form fields. 

Firstly, below where the Loqate Tag script has been placed on the page, insert the following JavaScript code snippet:  

pca.on("load", function(type, id, control){ 
  var ischrome = !! || !!; 
  if (ischrome == true){ 
    for (i=0; control.fields.length > i; i++){ 
      pca.getelement(control.fields[i].element).autocomplete = "gbgtest"; 

On the Address Form Fields, we have found success in adding the attribute autocomplete="none", to disable the browser's autofill. For example:  

autocomplete="none" placeholder="start typing your address"  autofocus name=“searchterm” />

We recommended that you test this code across multiple popular web browsers.  

Get started

Address Capture is super simple to set up and we've created these step-by-step guides to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Easy set up video

Our address capture is easy to install. There is no need for a developer or coding knowledge. You just need to be able to add a piece of code to your website and our video shows you step by step how to do this.