Scentsy Saves 85% in Carrier Fees and Enhances Global Operations with Loqate

Scentsy is a global leader in party planning direct selling space specialising in home fragrance and décor products. They have a unique model with nearly 200,000 consultants worldwide who actively engage in selling Scentsy’s diverse product range to their customers. These consultants, acting as both sellers and consumers, contribute significantly to Scentsy's success, underscoring the brand's appeal and quality.


Global Address Validation Challenges Impacting Operations


Implementing Loqate for Enhanced Address Validation


Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings of 85% in Carrier Fees

Problem: Global Address Validation Challenges Impacting Operations

Prior to onboarding with Loqate Scentsy, a party planning direct selling company with a significant global presence, they grappled with various challenges related to address verification. They previously relied on a tool limited to the US and Canada, experiencing  reoccurring issues such as inaccuracies in addresses, the absence of type-ahead functionality, and an inability to validate addresses in international markets. These hurdles resulted in a substantial number of undeliverable parcels, costly corrections, and logistical disruptions, particularly in regions outside the US and Canada. Moreover, as Scentsy aimed to expand into new global markets, these validation challenges posed significant obstacles to the company's growth trajectory

Solution: Implementing Loqate for Enhanced Address Validation

Recognizing the critical need for a robust global address verification system, Scentsy sought out comprehensive solution to address these problems. Loqate emerged as the optimal solution due to its extensive international coverage and robust features including innovative type-ahead address capture functionality. By Integrating Loqate, brought about a transformative change, significantly mitigating failed deliveries, rectifying address inaccuracies, and streamlining the intricate logistics associated with global operations. 

Results Achieved by Loqate: Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

The implementation of Loqate brought Scentsy 85-90% savings in carrier fees and tangible enhancement in operational efficiency, especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand that saw a 33% increase in deliverability. Scentsy warehouse managers and logistics teams experienced substantial time savings as a direct result of reduced manual efforts in handling returned parcels and address-related discrepancies. Moreover, Scent anticipates substantial cost savings by minimizing corrected address expenses, potentially saving over $400,000 annually in carrier costs. This not only improves their bottom line but also sets the stage for more streamlined and cost-effective global operations.

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