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A faster, easier way to capture accurate addresses in your online forms and checkouts.

The best possible data quality
The best possible data quality

Postcode lookup cuts back data entry errors at the point of capture by more than 20%. Checked against Royal Mail PAF®, the most up-to-date Postcode Address File, you can be sure you are collecting correct address data at the point of entry. This reduces the need to clean data once it's in your database and its standardised format ensures efficient postal deliveries.

Reduce costs
Reduce costs

Increase business efficiency by speeding up data entry, avoiding typos and the cost of missed deliveries. Remember, the real cost occurs when the delivery fails, causing redelivery costs, and an adverse effect on customer satisfaction, loyalty and future sales. 

Better user experience
Better user experience

Auto-complete results appear as soon as you start typing a postal code, with the nearest locations coming up first.
By providing a quick way to enter address details you allow customers to move smoothly through the checkout and reduce form or cart abandonment. This all helps to improve the end-user experience and ultimately customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Postcode lookup improves user experience and increases conversions

A smooth onboarding process is crucial. Postcode lookup makes capturing a full address many times faster and more accurate than typing it manually. Getting customers through your checkout or registration process quicker and with less frustration reduces cart abandonment and drop offs. 

Real-time address search

As soon as a postcode, business name or street is typed, suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided, with nearest locations coming up first. 

The traditional postcode lookup needlessly adds extra steps to your checkout experience. Postcodes can cover up to 100 addresses but using our type-ahead solution, you can get to a single delivery point much faster. With our fuzzy-matching capabilities, we allow for abbreviations, misspellings and other errors to ensure the right address is captured every time.

Instantly international

A single, simple-to-use solution for searching and verifying addresses from over 245 countries and territories. No separate licensing or contracts required. Easily toggle to suit your business needs.

To provide global coverage, our address data is sourced from suppliers including the UK’s Royal Mail - we are licensed resellers of PAF® - United States Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post , and a host of other best-in-class and official providers.

User location detected

Option to order results by nearest to the user, detecting which country users are in, finding the nearest matching addresses first. This means if the address is outside the user's country, the rest of the world is automatically searched for matches. This allows you to create a single checkout form for all your customers in the world.


With thousands of queries processed a minute, our solution scales easily on demand. Our up-time is second to none so you can be reassured that our postcode finder works all the time, no matter how busy your website or platform might get. 

Compatible across devices

Our postcode address lookup solution works on any internet-enabled device and gives the best user experience, from computers and tablets to smartphones and EPoS kiosks. 

Works with all the well-known platforms

We provide an ever-increasing range of pre-built marketplace extensions so you can plug and play in a matter of minutes.


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Developer resources

Loqate’s powerful postcode capture and verification APIs are architected to run on any application and scale to meet local or global needs. You can be up and running in minutes. 


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const url = "|52509479";
fetch(url, {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
        'Content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
    if (data.Items && data.Items.length > 0 && typeof(data.Items[0].Error) === "undefined") {
        // Your address results e.g. console.log(data.Items[0].Line1);
.catch(error => console.error('Error fetching data:', error));


Fast and easy integrations

Our postcode address lookup solution works on any internet-enabled device and gives the best user experience, from computers and tablets to smartphones and EPoS kiosks. 

Our platform

We are trusted by our customers and partners to deliver a robust and global service.

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Our services can be accessed securely via SOAP or GET requests over HTTPS. A variety of data formats can be returned, including JSON, XML and CSV.

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Simple, straightforward pricing

From simple pay-as-you-go plans to licence solutions for enterprise, we have prices to suit businesses of all sizes. 

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"We implemented address verification from Loqate across three of our hotel brands websites and found it significantly benefited our conversion rates."
Yassamine MatherSenior Systems Analyst
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"Loqate is a trusted partner to IBM, we do a lot of business together on behalf of our joint clients. Loqate delivers trusted technology, good support and I would recommend them."
Dan SchallenkampOffering Manager, IBM Corporation
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"The installation was so fast and the usability of the Loqate addressing tool is second to none. Anyone looking to improve UX and address data quality should look to Loqate."
Mark DurrandCTO
 TotallyMoneyRead more
"Loqate gives our customers the confidence that our products will arrive on time and to the right location."
Sandeep Suresh MehtaSenior Product Manager
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