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5 of your most frequently asked address capture questions answered

1. Why should I change from a standard postcode look-up?

Today, consumers have almost unlimited choice in terms of products and services. While you may have a superior offering, unless you focus on every aspect of your customer journey, you may be leaving money on the table.

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest pain points for organisations as you’ve done the hard part of convincing the consumer to purchase and just need to get them over the line – and yet so many organisations fall at this final hurdle. One of the main reasons for this is an onerous checkout experience – numerous fields will frustrate the user to the point where they would rather choose an alternative product.

The traditional postcode lookup needlessly adds extra steps to your checkout experience. Using our type-ahead capture solution will allow the user to enter their address with fewer keystrokes, all in a single field. What’s more, this will also help in capturing the right address. Postcodes can cover up to 100 addresses but using our solution, you can get to a single delivery point much faster. With our fuzzy-matching capabilities, we can also allow for abbreviations, misspellings and other errors to ensure the right address is captured every time.

Henry Thomas, Head of UX

2. How can I be sure that your platform is secure?

Data and information security is of paramount importance to us. We are ISO 270001 accredited which means that we follow a framework outlined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) designed to protect information.

All of our data is encrypted – using HTTPS in transit and via bit locker at rest. We conduct regular penetration tests to identify any security vulnerabilities in our systems or processes. Access to data is restricted and those permissions are based on the principle of least privilege – where access is granted for the bare minimum someone needs to perform their role.

Belinda Frost, Product Manager

3. How comprehensive is your data coverage?

We ingest 100s of datasets from over 30 different global suppliers – spanning more than 245 countries and territories and 130 address formats – to produce the best quality and widest set of addresses and geocodes.

We obtain high-quality data directly from postal operators including Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post and USPS.

PDH – creating a single best address record
This is the process of curating and enhancing multiple global data sources to create a consistent and single view of a location. This decreases the processing time and increases the consistency as well as the match rate of validated addresses.

Dominic Kemball, Product Manager (Data)


4. How much resource is required to implement the solution?

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect solution to your problem but it would take an inordinate amount of time and resources to implement it. Well, that’s not the case with our address capture solution.

Using our tag integration method you can be up and running in minutes as this Address Verification setup video shows.

How are we able to implement address capture so quickly and easily? 
We have seen thousands of checkout forms and have stored the most common field names. So, when you inject our Javascript snippet into your checkout page, it will recognise the fields on your checkout form. There will be around 5% of edge cases where the field mappings aren’t quite right but it’s easy to make these changes on the go.

This installation doesn’t need to be done multiple times if you capture a billing and shipping address either. You can simply configure this on the same setup.

Our UX team continues to help improve the user flow so that the field mappings are as accurate as possible.

Belinda Frost, Product Manager


5. What plug-ins and integration options do you offer?

We work with some of the biggest eCommerce platforms, CRM providers and MDM systems in the world. From Shopify and Salesforce to IBM and Oracle, we offer an ever-increasing range of pre-built integrations so, you can plug in and verify addresses on your website in minutes.

If the system you use is not available as a plug-in, you can always use our quick setup and advanced setup guides, as our easy to install tag works with any system.

Mireille Wathes, Growth Marketing Manager


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