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Overheard: CommerceNext Roundtable: eCommerce experiences that delight

In just a few years, traditional customer journeys have evolved, and so have the wants, needs and expectations of today’s customers. Quickly becoming more important than the quality of goods or services, we’ve found that digital experiences must be three things: useful, accessible, and delightful.

This month, Loqate conducted a virtual lunch & learn in conjunction with CommerceNext; bringing together nine executives from some of the most innovative retailers in the U.S. to discuss the current state of eCommerce and best practices for building delightful customer experiences.

What we learned:

  • Traditional customer journeys are no more. Everyone agrees that customer journeys have changed and online is forevermore dominant than it was pre-pandemic.
  • Adapting to new consumer expectations is critical to success. A few of the ways brands have adapted include increasing transparency by adding more information on their eCommerce sites, continued appointment-based shopping and phone sales, and larger corporate emphasis on eCommerce overall.
  • There is good and bad friction in eCommerce. Being able to personalize gift wrap messaging and upsell relevant products were examples of good friction. Bad friction includes lengthy, complicated checkouts and capturing inaccurate data that requires manual correction.
  • Digital-first consumers are now demanding the design of richer, more delightful experiences. In terms of experiences that delight customers, some of the items discussed include the product and unboxing experience and streamlining the customer journey with personalization. The biggest challenge with the latter is getting people to register/sign in.
  • Brands must perfect the gift-giving customer experience in time for the holiday season. As the holiday season approaches, gifting is growing in importance -- timeliness and relevance were key challenges discussed. Address verification (to ensure on-time delivery), online gifting, and registry came up as solutions to make the gift-giving experience better.

Special thanks to our virtual host, Veronika Sonsev! Stay tuned for more insights from our "Overheard" blog series.

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