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How to improve the speed, accuracy, and CX of your online checkout

A consumer study found that type-ahead address verification was the preference, every time.

Usability testing shows type-ahead address verification improves speed and accuracy of entry and makes online shoppers think more positively of retailers that offer it. Furthermore, address verification improves data quality and mobile user experience.

Learn why consumers prefer type-ahead address verification on digital forms.

This report is based on a consumer survey of online shoppers to determine their preference among data entry experiences.


Research Methodology

This report is based on a consumer survey that observed 200 participants, all of whom had purchased online within the last three months. These participants were separated into four groups, and each shown type-ahead verification and one of the other four varieties of address verification currently prevalent in the US, in a randomized sequence. They were then asked several questions about each method.

Read this study to learn:

  • Why up to 84% of online shoppers in the US prefer type-ahead address verification.
  • How address verification impacts your brand and overall customer experience.
  • The amount of top US retailers currently using address verification and why you should too.
  • How to reduce the number of fields in your checkout to improve desktop and mobile experiences.