SAP Address Validation & Data Maintenance

Is incorrect data in SAP Commerce Cloud impacting your business? Improve the accuracy and quality of address, email and phone data across your customer buying process with Loqate's address validation solution for SAP.

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The SAP data maintenance extension works with these solutions:

Get started in minutes

Get started integrating SAP in minutes
1. Create a Loqate account

Sign up for our 14-day free trial. No credit card required, you get 700 free credits to test with, and full support and documentation.

2. Get the SAP address validation extension

Our SAP extension to validate addresses, email and phone data only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Download the extension in the SAP store and then follow the step-by-step installation guide.

3. Install address, email, and / or phone validation

Read our setup guide which will guide you through the installation process to activate your address, email and/or phone validation in your SAP eCommerce platform.

Key Benefits of Loqate for SAP Commerce Cloud

Best-in-class global data
Best-in-class global data

By cross-referencing, combining and cleansing the data from multiple trusted sources, we provide the world’s most comprehensive and detailed repository of address data within SAP. Our global data covers 250 countries and territories - ensuring international addresses are standardized in the correct local format.

Real-time address search
Real-time address search

One single box to reach any address in the world in as little as 3 keystrokes and as quick as 150 milliseconds. Suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided as soon as the user begins typing.

Instantly international
Instantly international

A single, easy to integrate solution for searching and validating addresses from 250 countries and territories. This allows you to create a single checkout form for all your customers worldwide. No separate licensing or contracts required.

Why choose Loqate's address validation solution for SAP Commerce Cloud?


Improve UX and boost sales 

Nobody enjoys filling out forms! A faster checkout form streamlines the order process and gives your customers a better experience. Reducing friction in your checkout helps to reduce cart abandonment, resulting in more orders for you and customers who come back again and again.

Improve UX and boost sales with SAP Commerce Cloud
Reduce delivery errors and costs with SAP Commerce Cloud

Reduce delivery errors and costs 

Ensuring you have accurate address, email and phone data for your customers and suppliers will reduce the cost and impact of downstream operations such as failed deliveries, redelivery costs, customer service team interaction, and future loss of sales.

Marketing efficiency

Validating address, email and phone data in SAP will empower your marketing and customer communications, as you will know that you are connecting with the right customer at the right time.

Improve marketing efficiency with SAP Commerce Cloud

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Talk to our customer support team.

Do you have an ISO certification?

Yes, GBG holds ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification  – An international standard for information security.

Can I add more than one person as a contact on my account?

Yes, if different people in your company deal with the service, e.g. your accounts department and your website developer, it makes sense for them to receive emails that relate to their job function. To add contacts, log into your account and click on the Menu. Under Your Account > Your details, select 'Manage contacts' and then click 'Add Contact'.

You can activate one or a mix of the tailored messages below for each contact:

Balance: Receive a notification when your credit is running low.

Security: Receive error and security notifications on your account. 

Billing: Receive any finance-related updates such as invoices.

Can I trial the service for free?

Yes, you can trial our services with no-obligation. Simply sign up for an account and follow the instructions. We will give you a small amount of credit so you can test services without spending anything.

How often is data updated?

Royal Mail address data is updated every day. BACS and credit card data is refreshed every month and data for route planning and international address capture is updated every quarter.

Do you offer a Service Level Agreement?

Our target uptime is 99.999%, including planned maintenance. Service Level Agreements are available to Premium Customers. There is a charge for this service.

Do you provide development accounts to allow me to create my integration?

Yes we do, although we can’t provide unrestricted development accounts under the terms of our agreement with our data providers. However, within reason, we can provide you with test credit for development purposes. We also have a postcode: WR5 3DA - which you can use for repetitive testing without consuming credit. If you require a high-volume test environment please contact us to discuss your options.

How can I update the details you hold for my company?

It’s important that we hold the right details in your account to keep the service running smoothly. You can check and update your information by logging into your account, clicking on your Account number and choosing "Details". Alternatively, if you contact us, we can update your details for you.

How do you ensure the service stays Live at all times?

Service continuity is of prime important to us. That's why we've taken considerable steps to ensure that Loqate is always available:

  • 2 completely autonomous data centres
  • Load balanced servers in each data centre
  • Data centres employ fully diverse routing and multiple carriers
  • Automatic failover between servers and between data centres
  • No single point of failure

All this means that even a catastrophic failure of a data centre can be tolerated and will not impact on the availability of Loqate Predict. Traffic will simply reroute to the other data centre within 60 seconds.

Is the service offline when upgrades or data updates are applied?

No, upgrades and data updates are seamless and there is no downtime when they are applied.

I forgot my account number/password. Can you help?

Please contact us if you don't know, or have forgotten, your account number or password. We should be able to find them from your company name, email address or postcode.

I received an error message when trying to access the service, what should I do?

We have a comprehensive list of error messages and their resolutions. If that doesn't help, you can contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help you.

I use your on-premise solution. Can you offer me a backup?

Yes, any customer using an on-premise service can hook into the hosted service if you have a problem with your own servers. This is simply a case of changing the IP address that the service points towards.

Can I use my Loqate account for more than one website/service?

Yes, there's no need to register for each website or service you want to use; in your account you can create separate 'keys' for use on different websites or even different businesses. If you are integrating our services for clients on different projects you might like to consider creating a reseller account where you can manage 'child' accounts seperately.

What is the average response time of the service?

This depends on a number of things, including both the service you are accessing and your internet connection. Typical response times are less than 40 milliseconds.

What level of support do you provide?

We provide phone and email support during working hours (08.45-17.30 GMT, Monday to Friday. We also offer limited email support at the weekends. Service level agreements are available for priority support, please contact us for details.

What service availability do you provide?

Since 2006 we have delivered 100% uptime – that includes service upgrades and planned maintenance.

How will I know when my licence needs renewing?

All our licences are valid for a year. We will automatically invoice you when your licence is due for renewal (typically around 60 days before - to give you plenty of time to process payment).

I don’t need my Loqate service any more, what do I do?

There is no obligation to keep using our service. Annual user licences will simply stop working, as will pay-as-you-go credit. We do not provide refunds for any unused credit on your account. If you have been supplied with raw data, in order to comply with Royal Mail licensing you will need to complete a Data Destruction Form - confirming that you won’t use the data once your licence expires. Please contact us for more information if this affects you.

I have many employees but they don’t all need your service, do I have to buy a user license for them all?

No you don’t. Many Loqate services work on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, so you buy credit that’s shared by everyone that needs it. If you need user licences, then you need the correct number of licences for the number of staff using the service. We can advise you of the most cost effective option for your business if you contact us.

I’ve renewed my licence but why am I still getting "Licence key is no longer valid" alerts?

Sometimes when you renew your annual licence, a new licence key will be generated, rather than extending the existing licence (typically when the renewal is done at the last minute, or if payment is late). To reactivate the service, simply drop in the new key. This will have been emailed to you when you renewed the service. If you are unsure of the key you can view it by logging into your account and selecting 'All services'. If you would prefer to have the old key reactivated, please contact us and we'll see if we can help.

I’ve accepted your End User Licence Agreement (EULA) why are you asking me to accept another from a different provider?

The data that we provide to you is owned by other suppliers such as: Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey. As an approved reseller, Loqate must ensure our customers comply with the terms of business of our data providers. This is why you might need to sign an extra licence agreement.

What is my account code?

You can find your account code in the 'Welcome to Loqate' email that is sent to you upon registration. This is a unique code and you will need it to log in, so make sure to keep it safe. Accidentally deleted the email? Don't worry, just contact support and they will help.

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