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In the customer-led world we live in, speed and convenience in eCommerce are key. And, a personalized delivery service is essential to encourage end users to make a purchase. 

The statistics don’t lie…

  • By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator (The Guardian) 
  • 93% of companies see an uplift in conversion rates from personalization 
  • 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized 
  • By 2020, personalization technology that recognizes customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase profits by up to 15% (Gartner)

So, how can you give customers what they want and make their experiences more personalized? 

I’ve rounded up three of the top personalization tactics to help your business meet customer expectations. 

1.    Customer journey

Do you have a deep understanding of your customers’ purchasing journey? And, are you utilizing this information and using it to enhance your eCommerce platform? 

When it comes to customer journeys retailers must make their eCommerce platform the “best in class” and ensure it has all the features customers demand to make their experiences seamless and pain free. 

2.    The option to choose

It’s useful to remember that “one size” doesn’t always fit all – and one delivery option won’t appeal to every customer. 

So, offer different delivery options, allow customers to pick a date and suitable time slot for products to be delivered, and enable them to change delivery options even when an item has been shipped. This gives customers ultimate control and will position your brand as helpful and encourage return business. 

3.    Communications

Clear and transparent customer communications and intelligent use of data is vital to making delivery smarter and reducing the chances of failed delivery. 

A key factor in failed first delivery is poor address data.  To stop this being a challenge, I’d advise eCommerce platform providers to invest in quality location verification software which will enable customers to select their correct address by simply typing a few characters.  

And, by using this type of software you’ll be able to provide the carrier with more specific, correct data to ensure the delivery is successful. 

At Loqate we work in partnership with our eCommerce partners to reduce the amount of failed deliveries by arming them with the best global address data, address capture and verification technology which overcomes this problem. And, our CapturePlus product, which takes less than five minutes to install with eCommerce software can enhance customer experience further. 

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"Naqi" Athar Naqi

Partner Success Strategist

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Published October 24, 2019

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