International Women's Day: Women In Technology

Here at Loqate and the wider GBG company, we are lucky to have a wealth of smart, talented professional women in a wide range of positions, from design and marketing to scrum master and technical operations. So, what’s it like to be a woman working in tech? Here’s what some of our female colleagues think, as well as their advice to any women thinking about a career in tech.

Mary Hughes - Loqate

Mary Hughes, Customer service Team Leader, Loqate

I have been working at Loqate for nearly six years. It’s a great place to work and I have been fortunate to have worked in several departments over the years, which has given me a good knowledge of our business, industry and customers. I have been lucky enough to meet wonderful people along the way.

My advice to any women starting out in tech would be not to overthink it, and learn as much as you can. Don’t dilute your personality because you think you might not fit the tech industry. Remain true to yourself. It feels great to be a woman working in the tech industry. Of course, it has it’s challenges, but I remind myself that my views, opinions and input are equally as valid as anyone’s.


Mireille Wathes - Loqate

Mireille Wathes, Growth Marketing Manager, Loqate

Each day in my role is very versatile, from researching new payment methods to creating marketing campaigns, it’s always eventful.

The tech industry is an exciting environment to be part of because it evolves so rapidly, which challenges you to stay on top of things and keep pushing, growing and learning.


Danielle Reed - Loqate

Danielle Reed, Business Development Manager, Loqate

My role is focused on acquiring new logo organisations for Loqate to partner with, as well as speaking to prospects and demoing our validation solutions.

Loqate has a number of women in senior positions, which gives me confidence in my future and progressing into a more senior role. Historically, the technology space has been saturated with males, but don’t let that put you off starting a career in technology. This is no longer the norm and there are plenty of women absolutely smashing it in the technology space.


Belinda Frost - Loqate

Belinda Frost, Product Delivery Manager, Loqate

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is that I am always learning something new. In my role, I get to work with our development teams, who are working to create solutions to improve our product offerings for customers around the world – using the latest technology and approaches. This allows me to ask a million questions about what problems this solves for our customers and how it makes us unique.

Loqate is a great place to work for anyone with a passion for technology, as a woman or not. Often, I’m the only woman to in a meeting or on a call, which at first, was incredibly intimidating and a bit overwhelming. Over time, I have come to see this as a wider responsibility to represent myself as a strong and thoughtful woman – for those who came before me and those looking to enter the tech industry.

There are days when it can be incredibly challenging, but at the same time, there is an intense sense of pride for being able to contribute to our team and product by asking countless questions, working incredibly hard and sticking with it.


Aysenur Cokgunlu - Loqate

Aysenur Cokgunlu, Scrum Master, GBG

I think women should stand up and avoid being simply followers. Women are capable of influencing people around them and I believe women should collaborate with each other to help inspire and contribute to a diverse working environment.

Being a woman in tech is a real honour and tech is no longer a male dominated industry, but there’s still a way to go before we can say we are equal. We have a responsibility to facilitate diversity in the workplace and it’s important to believe in ourselves.


Elke Bretz - Loqate

Elke Bretz, UX Designer, Loqate

In my role, which I’ve been in for the last 3 years, each day is quite varied. I typically work with cross-functional teams such as marketing, product, development, design and sales. I have worked in a variety of tech based companies which tend to be male dominated. Loqate’s culture encourages everyone to have a say - male or female.

Being a woman working in the tech industry is kind of liberating. Women still appear to be underrepresented in the tech space although I believe that this is slowly balancing out over time - I really do feel (as a woman) that it is important to find your voice and don’t be afraid to speak up.


Karishma Sharma

Karishma Sharma, Channel Marketing Coordinator, Loqate

For any women just getting started in marketing or tech, I would say for them to be confident in their abilities. If you want something you should not be afraid to go for it. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you want, at least you tried! This puts you one step further in the right direction.

It feels empowering to be a woman in tech. This is my first job out of college and I am learning so much about the industry. Every day I learn something new and I love the constant challenge.


Anna McAdam - Loqate

Anna McAdam, Head of Direct Sales – Key Accounts, Loqate

I have been at Loqate for almost three years, and my days are always so different, which is the best thing about my job. I manage a large team responsible for Key accounts within Loqate, and my time is spent largely with my team and our clients, whether remotely or face to face.

I never thought I’d be where I am today. I didn’t move to the tech industry until I was 30, after 12 years in banking and finance.  It was daunting; it is for anyone, but I felt it more so being a woman in a male dominated team but also because I was older.  

I believe younger women will be more open to taking tech-based opportunities in the future. Graduates now and the millennial’s as a generation are better equipped than I was 9 years ago when I decided to make the change to tech. I hope it is so much easier and not such an unusual thing for a woman of any age to work in tech now and in the future.  Although I started by my own admission ‘on the back foot’, I very quickly realised the scale and opportunity this industry represents and of course, the earning potential.  The rest as they say is history. I have never looked back.


Sophie Lennox - Loqate

Sophie Lennox, Product Manager, Loqate

Technology is our past, present and future - it is constantly changing and to be part of it is to be part of the tech evolution. Everyone is interested in technology, men and woman alike.  As a product manager, you get to help shape what this looks like and have influence on its direction. My advice to any women out there thinking of a career in tech would be to ignore gender stereotypes and innovate like you can change the world.

In the world of tech woman are greatly outnumbered, I can often find myself in a technical meeting being the only female - but it doesn't matter, as long as you give a solid contribution and are passionate then your ideas and thoughts will be heard.


Emmy Turl - Loqate

Emmy Turl, Junior Designer, Loqate

One thing I love about working for a technology company is that the tech is always evolving, so no two days are the same. I’m constantly given the opportunity to come up with innovative and exciting ways of presenting our products and brand as they develop.

I’m still quite new to the industry, but if I were to give any advice it would be to take every opportunity to learn as much as possible, and not be afraid to ask questions.

As a woman starting out in the tech industry, it’s encouraging to see women being hired more and more in senior management positions across the company. I think that the industry is slowly moving towards a more equal balance between men and women, which is really encouraging at this early stage in my career.


Penny Lim - Loqate

Penny Lim, Technical Operations Director, GBG

The thing I like most about my job is that one of my primary responsibilities involves interacting with employees on all different levels of the organisation, across all areas and different parts of the world. I get to learn new things about the company and market every day.

Worldwide, women are a minority within tech leadership. The gender split in the tech industry is disappointing but I think it’s getting better now as many companies are putting diversity as a priority, and GBG is one of these. I am glad to be part of GBG, which provides me the flexibility to be able to manage my own time in order to have a work life balance. Without flexibility, it makes it extremely difficult to manage a successful career and family.

Being a woman in tech can be lonely sometimes, especially when you are the minority within the leadership team. To cope with this, I participate in a few women’s support group through social media platforms. It is so incredibly helpful to have a group of females around the world sharing their experiences.

There are fantastic opportunities for women in tech and I’ve had an amazing career. I would like to urge all woman in tech or considering a career in this industry not to give up. Do it, and love it, if you are drawn to it.


Melanie Soyez - Loqate

Melanie Soyez, Senior Account Manager, Loqate

Don’t worry if you are the only women in your team, this doesn’t matter – what matters is that you do your job well. To be honest, I don’t think about what it’s like to be a woman in the tech industry; I just love my job.


Alex Kelly - Loqate

Alex Kelly, Client Success Manager, Loqate

Given that I’m the first person in the CSM role for the New York office, no two days are the same. I really enjoy the autonomy of the role. Getting to build it out from scratch as opposed to being handed a manual on how to do the job.

Loqate is a very welcoming environment. I think my office in particular recognised that they were lacking diversity and I appreciate that they are working to correct that. Three of our last four hires have been female.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in tech out there doing an amazing job, and all the women thinking about moving into the industry.


Cathie Hall - Loqate

Cathie Hall, Customer Experience & Operations Director, GBG

On a day to day basis, I meet customers and hear about their experiences with Loqate. Then, I have a follow up meeting with, for example, a product, sales, support or technical team to make sure that the customer feedback was recorded and acted upon within our customer success programs. Its my job to ensure that we continue to improve everything we do for customers.

There are so many different career options in tech – from the really technical to the not very technical at all.  It is such a broad sector, but one thing all tech companies have in common is how fast paced we are.  That makes for a really exciting dynamic. 


Gus Tomlinson

Gus Tomlinson, Head of Strategy, GBG

I have spent 5 years at GBG and have never been bored, and that’s because I’m constantly learning and getting to experience new things. The solutions we develop at GBG and Loqate provide a purpose that makes it easier for people to transact  and feel safe online – and no day is ever the same.

For any woman starting out in the tech industry I'd say, don’t worry if you spend a few months or years sitting in a room full of men. It isn’t about being male or female it’s about your love for technology and the impact you think you can make. 


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