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Women in technology: Data partnerships

Nadia A. Ziani, Head of Sales, EMEA, Acuris Risk Intelligence

Nadia A. Ziani is Head of Sales for EMEA for Acuris Risk Intelligence,  a global provider of data intelligence for anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and cyber security businesses and professionals. Acuris Risk Intelligence is the data partner of GBG and enable GBG’s technology, product and sales teams to ensure compliant provision of identity data for both the finance and gaming industries.   

Nadia manages a team of 15 risk intelligence managers, including 6 senior risk intelligence managers, and with over 1,600 employees spread across the globe in offices in London, New York City, Singapore and Hong Kong. A typical day for Nadia can be really varied.

“A big part of my role involves people management, reviewing client feedback, existing opportunities as well as current pipeline. I make sure I also spend time with our Acuris Risk Intelligence strategic EMEA clients and partners regularly throughout the month, for example partners such as Gus Tomlinson – Head of strategy for GBG. Internally, I work closely with departments such as product, marketing and market planning and other members of the senior management team of Acuris group, where we ensure that we are all on track to meet both the long-term purposes and the vision of the company – strategically and tactically." 

These meetings, and regular communication with the team – be it the CEO or an intern – is how Nadia demonstrates her passion for equality and inclusiveness which in turn helps drive the business forward.

“The UK market is the biggest compliance market in the world, hence the driver of the compliance market worldwide, and it's my job to look at how we grow beyond this island. I’ve created a diverse team, by gender, nationality and it’s multigenerational - this richness in my team allows for the best ideas to flow and flourish. I believe inclusiveness, and recognising the strength of each individual in a genderless environment is how we will find a balance for better.  

Inclusiveness and recognising the strength of the individual in a genderless environment is how we will find a balance for better

I work with such a diverse range of people, my stakeholder base is really varied, so I am fortunate enough to always have access to a unique richness of opinions and experience. In my role, I get to make an impact, and what I love most is shaping and building my team to successfully launch a new product or take a brand to a new market for example. I also encourage and empower my team to always win and have new successes in the market  by creating trusted client and partner relationships. I’d also like to point out that empowering individuals and creating followship is something important to me for both the men and women in my team. We recently celebrated International Women’s Day, I don’t see this as a platform for a power struggle, it’s a platform for equality and diversity and I’m very passionate about these values that we shall promote every day. 

If I could give any advice to anyone starting out in the tech or data industry, particularly young professional women, it would be to be sure of what you are good at, who you are and what your strengths are. It is harder as a woman, particularly in technology, because it’s traditionally a male dominated industry. However, times are changing, and every day I see more and more women achieve great things as professionals. What I think is key to this success is the authenticity of the women who are leaders in their chosen field, be it technology, finance, fashion – Women should not be shy anymore to be themselves and develop their female leadership, with assertiveness and authenticity. More and more companies are seeking that type of individual, in various sectors.

Secondly, I think it's important to seek a mentor or sponsor, it's something that I’ve always believed in. The right sponsor will promote what you do well, help you bounce ideas around, share your achievements and victories, and they will show you how you can self-promote, encourage you to be proud  of your hard-work achievements.

If this interview is only read by one young woman and inspires that individual to focus and achieve their goals, then I’m happy. I’d like to see more women in strategic/ leaderships roles.

I  honestly believe this is our time, there is a cultural shift and there is space for professional and focused women in the tech and data industry."

Following our interview with Nadia, we asked Gus Tomlinson, Head of Strategy for GBG on her thoughts of working in the Tech industry and alongside data partners such as Acuris Risk Intelligence.

Gus Tomlinson, Head of Strategy, GBG

"A typical day is working with stakeholders around the business, working to help shape and direct the strategy. I also spend a lot of time working with and talking to external partners to explore data, drive our consumption of data and maximise the relationships that we have. In both of my roles it is important that I look inside and outside of GBG to help continuously drive us forward in a very competitive environment.  

Partners across GBG are incredibly important, if they are technical partners, data partners or sales partners. We operate in an ecosystem, and one that is incredibly innovative. GBG consume data agnostically ensuring that we are always powering our technology with the best fuel. In a similar way, we know that there is technology out there that complements our proprietary technology and that is why we choose to partner. Our mission is to provide the best solutions to all our customers that help them locate people, identify them, and prevent fraud, and this means that we need to react quickly to any innovation in the market. 

If I could give any advice to any woman looking to start a career in technology or data I’d advise them not to worry if you spend a few months or years sitting in a room full of men. It isn’t about being male or female it’s about your love for technology and the impact you think you can make."

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