Loqate, a GBG solution

Why choose Loqate for Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Address validation ensures that only accurate addresses are entered in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud checkout. Addresses are verified at the point of entry, making the checkout process quick and simple, giving you a great customer experience and ensuring clean and accurate data.

Accurate address data

Capture accurate address data at the point of entry, enabling customers to correct any address errors. Accurate address data leads to better delivery rates, a reduction in failed delivery costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduction in cart abandonment

Improve delivery efficiency and keep customers focused on completing the checkout process. Our auto-suggest technology saves customers time and ensures only accurate data is entered into address fields, right at the point of capture.

Easy to integrate

Loqate can be implemented in minutes, without the help of a developer. It also works smoothly alongside other checkout integrations.

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Getting started

There's a Loqate app in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK Marketplace so you can be up and running in minutes.

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Don't forget you'll need a Loqate account to set this up. 

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