Loqate Utilities Register 2.0


This document provides a user guide help you implement Loqate’s Utilities Register 2.0. The Utilities Register (UR) is a web service providing access to a property’s address and meter-point data needed to provide consumers with tariff estimates and for energy suppliers to execute a switch through the Central Switching Service or CSS.

The Utilities Register provides you with the ability to add address and MPxN searching into your websites and server-side applications. The service returns both gas and electricity supply point data from a single request. Making use of Gas and Electricity Enquiry Services (GES and EES) provided by the Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo), the Utilities Register provides you with accurate data that’s updated by the industry on a daily basis.

The Utilities Register can be used to retrieve meter point and other information for a specific address. Where a complete address is not immediately available or the implementation benefits from interactive address input, the service can also be used for the purposes of postcode or partial address lookup, retrieving meter point information with a follow up request in this instance. Additionally, GBG’s service benefits from being able to verify and standardise unformatted or ‘free-format’ address strings into structured addresses, providing a far higher chance of a successful match when searching the GES and EES. This can be useful where a user is not present to select or validate an address. For example, when an energy supplier receives uploads of hundreds or thousands of addresses from Price Comparison Websites and brokers.

Critically, the Utilities Register also returns the Retail Energy Location (REL) details, required to execute a switch within the CSS.

Note: Loqate's Utilities Register 2.0 is only available to UK customers. This guide is only relevant to customers who have set up Utilities Register with their account manager. If you haven't set up the service yet, please contact your account manager before accessing this guide.

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