Everything Location - /address/capture (AutoComplete)

Return full information about a particular result from a call to the /address/complete endpoint.

Note: only old everythinglocation keys will work with this service.

Resource URL


Resource Information

Preferred method POST
Response formats JSON, XML, HTML
Requires authentication? Yes, valid API key
Chargeable? Yes

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Request Parameters

Name Descrition
A valid API key with sufficient credit available to process the requested transactions.

Example: BFtd2UpC8Gl1jU1pPnDZIVpoz2XnBMyWEfVcAfoI
A freeform partial address query.

Example: "999 bak" or "bs328ga
A recognizable country name or ISO code.

Example: "USA", "DE" or "New Zealand"
The index of the desired result from the /address/complete result, starting at zero.
The object containing address filters. Available filters are: "PostalBox", "SubBuilding", "Premise", "Thoroughfare", "Locality", "AdministrativeArea", and "PostalCode". Filters only work on the following countries: USA, CAN, GBR, and AUS.

Example object with all possible filters is enclosed in "Example Request" below.
Specifies whether to return geocode fields in the response. This is an chargable add-on.

Example: ...&geocode... (in URL) or "geocode":"on" (within object)
Specifies whether to return certified fields in the response. This is an chargeable add-on.

Example: ...&certify... (in URL) or "certify":"on" (within object)

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Response Parameters

Name Descrition
Status The result of your call. "OK" indicates success, any other status indicates an error.

Example: "Status":"OK"
output[] The address object corresponding to the requested result index. The returned fields will be dependent on the parsing methodology and reference data available in each individual country.

Sample JSON output[] is enclosed below.

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Example Request

POST https://api.everythinglocation.com/address/capture?geocode
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
   "filters": {
      "Locality": "San Francisco",
      "AdministrativeArea": "CA"

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Example Response

200 OK
Content-Type:  application/json; charset=utf8
Date:  Thu, 15 Oct 2015 18:41:18 GMT
Server:  Apache
X-Powered-By:  PHP/5.4.16
Content-Length:  722
Connection:  keep-alive
      "Address":"941 Buchanan St, San Francisco CA 94102",
      "Address1":"941 Buchanan St",
      "Address2":"San Francisco CA 94102",
      "CountryName":"United States",
      "DeliveryAddress":"941 Buchanan St",
      "DeliveryAddress1":"941 Buchanan St",
      "Locality":"San Francisco",
      "Thoroughfare":"Buchanan St",

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