Everything Location - /address +certify (AMAS)

The Certify process may be added to either the verify (/address/verify) or auto-complete (/address/capture) API service. The request is made by including "certify" as a parameter in the respective call. Requesting certified postal fields does incur an additional credit charge.

Certified processing is only available for CASS (United States) and AMAS (Australia).

Note: only old everythinglocation keys will work with this service.

Output Component Fields

Field Definition
DPID Delivery Point Identifier is a unique 8-digit number which is assigned for every new address to the source address database
FloorType Type of floor or level
FloorNumber Floor or level number (including alpha characters)
LotNumber Allotment number
PostBoxNum Postal delivery number if the address is a postal delivery type
PostBoxNumberPrefix Postal delivery number prefix related to the postal delivery number
PostBoxNumberSuffix Postal delivery number suffix related to the postal delivery number
PrimaryPremise Thoroughfare number for a property (first number in a property ranged address)
PrimaryPremiseSuffix Suffix for the thoroughfare number
SecondaryPremise Second thoroughfare number (only used if the property has a ranged address eg 23-25)
SecondaryPremiseSuffix Suffix for the second thoroughfare number
PreSortZone Also known as Barcode Sort Plan (BSP) number. The number of one of 54 individual sort regions around Australia. To qualify for Australia Post’s PreSort Letters Service, letters must be sorted based on this number
PrintPostZone Also known as a PreSort Indicator. To qualify for Australia Post’s Print Post Service, letters must be sorted based on this number
Barcode Standard barcode based on the DPID
PrimaryAddressLine Primary address line in standardized format
SecondaryAddressLine Secondary address line in standardized format

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Example Request

POST https://api.everythinglocation.com/address/verify?certify
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json{
         "Address1":"35 Stirling Hwy ",
         "Address2":"Crawley WA 6009",

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Example Response

200 OK
Content-Type:  application/json; charset=utf8
Date:  Fri, 16 Oct 2015 22:23:08 GMT
Server:  Apache
X-Powered-By:  PHP/5.4.16
Content-Length:  1147
Connection:  keep-alive
         "Address":"UNIVERSITY OF WA, 35 STIRLING HWY, CRAWLEY WA 6009",
         "Address1":"UNIVERSITY OF WA",
         "Address2":"35 STIRLING HWY",
         "Address3":"CRAWLEY WA 6009",
         "Building":"UNIVERSITY OF WA",
         "DeliveryAddress":"UNIVERSITY OF WA, 35 STIRLING HWY",
         "DeliveryAddress1":"UNIVERSITY OF WA",
         "DeliveryAddress2":"35 STIRLING HWY",
         "PrimaryAddressLine":"35 STIRLING HWY",
         "Thoroughfare":"STIRLING HWY",

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