Everything Location - Developer API

These pages are meant to support legacy Everything Location APIs and as such the endpoints are unable to be used by new customers.

Note: only everythinglocation keys will work with this service. You can't create new Everything Location keys anymore. Please use the Capture API or the Verify API for new keys.


Attempts to verify one or more addresses and where possible returns the address components, the formatted address, and any associated report codes.

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/address/complete (AutoComplete)

Generates a list of address suggestions based on the supplied query.

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/address/capture (AutoComplete)

Returns full information about a particular result from a call to the /address/complete endpoint.

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Takes a digital geocode and performs a proximity match to one or more addresses.

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/address +geocode

Adds geocode fields to either the verify (/address/verify) or auto-complete (/address/capture) API services.

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/address +certify (AMAS)

May be added to either the verify (/address/verify) or auto-complete (/address/capture) API service

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Attempts to validate the domain, account, and type of an email address.

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Upload and process a list of email addresses in CSV format.

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Address Process Options

Optional configurable paramaters for advanced users of the code /address/ endpoints.

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Address Record Fields

Address field descriptions.

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Address Report Fields: AVC

Details of the Address Verification Code data returned.

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Address Report Fields: AQI

The Address Quality Index (AQI) is used to indicate the quality of an address.

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