Everything Location - /address +geocode

Geocode fields may be added to either the verify (/address/verify) or auto-complete (/address/capture) API service. The request is made by including "geocode" as a parameter in the respective call. Requesting geocode fields does incur an additional credit charge.

Note: only old everythinglocation keys will work with this service.

Output Component Fields

Field Definition
Latitude This field holds the WGS 84 latitude in decimal degrees format.
Longitude This field holds the WGS 84 longitude in decimal degrees format.
GeoAccuracy This field holds the GeoAccuracy (GAC) code. It's important to note that an address will not geocode to a higher level than the level it's verified to. For example, an address that verifies to L3 (Thoroughfare) will not geocode higher than L3.
GeoDistance This field holds the radius of accuracy in meters, giving an indication of the likely maximum distance between the given geocode and the physical location. For Point-level results (GAC = "PX"), this value may be empty or not returned. Please note that this field is derived from and therefore dependent on the accuracy and coverage of the underlying reference data.

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