Location Management: Delete List or Point

Delete a list of locations or a particular location within that list.

This endpoint requires the use of a Loqate Management key. Management keys are used to provide access to server-side functions in place of your standard API key, ensuring that were any of your keys to be scraped from a customer facing website, they could not be used to edit or delete your Location Lists. For information on how to create a Management key please see the Setting Up Store Finder Keys guide.

The Delete List or Point API allows you to delete an existing list created using our Create List endpoint.

NOTE: any lists deleted via this endpoint are deleted permanently. We do not back up location lists.

Base URL




Note: A REST endpoint with a JSON payload is the only call style supported.

Request parameters

Each request to the web service requires a number of parameters, all of which are listed below. All requests require a key which can be generated in your account.

Note: where potentially sensitive data is used in these parameters, remember to make the request as secure as possible (see the API Security page for more information).

A listID or locationID is a required parameter for this operation. If you want to delete an entire list, only a listID is required. If you want to delete a location, both a listID and locationID are required.

* = required field

Name Type Example values Description
Key* String AA11-AA11-AA11-AA11 The Loqate Management key used to authenticate with the service.
listID* String c28231fe-736b-4b50-b57b-9686afe221c2 Unique GuID for a given list.
locationID String c28231fe-736b-4b50-b57b-9686afe221c2 Unique GuID for a given location.

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Response Fields

The response from the web service is a table with the specification below. Where no items are found, the response will be empty (although all endpoints specify the columns). If an error occurs, the response will not follow this format. Instead the response will be an error table.

Name Type Example values Description
message String Location deleted successfully Message detailing how the operation performed.
Id String UK Stores GuID of the list or location deleted.

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Below are the errors which are specific to this web service. If an error occurs, an error table like the one below will be returned. To check for an error response, test for a 4-column table with columns "Error", "Description", "Cause" and "Resolution" containing a single row.

For a list of errors applicable to all APIs, have a look at the list of common errors.

Number Description Cause Resolution
1001 NoListSpecified The List ID is missing from the input parameters. Please supply a ListID and try again
1006 NoListFound There has either been no list uploaded with that ID or one that has had that ID previously has been deleted. Correct ListID and try again.
1008 NoPointFound There is no location associated with that ID or it is not contained within the list ID provided. Check that the location ID is correct for the list provided.
1010 NonManagementKey Location Management operations required a Management key. Ensure you are using a Management key created by adding a Store Finder service to your Loqate account.

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Below are examples of requests to the API with their corresponding responses.

Example Delete List Request

POST https://api.addressy.com/LocationServices/LocationManagement/DeleteListOrPoint/v1.00/json4.ws?key=AA11-AA11-AA11-AA11&listid=7bbcbea3-c995-4ed7-9be2-bfb25b3b2cef
Content-Type: application/json

Example Response

    "message": "List deleted successfully",
    "id": "7bbcbea3-c995-4ed7-9be2-bfb25b3b2cef"

Example Delete Location Request

POST https://api.addressy.com/LocationServices/LocationManagement/DeleteListOrPoint/v1.00/json4.ws?key=AA11-AA11-AA11-AA11&listid=7bbcbea3-c995-4ed7-9be2-bfb25b3b2cef&locationId=443d67b0-0c81-4ba9-9e1b-21435db6ee1e
Content-Type: application/json

Example Response

    "message": "Location deleted successfully",
    "id": "443d67b0-0c81-4ba9-9e1b-21435db6ee1e

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