Data Maintenance Annual Subscription

Do the bands include total records or unique records?

The bands are for the number of unique records that you will process during the license period so for example if you have a database of 49,950 records, you would select the 50,000 tier. You then can process these 49,950 records as frequently as you wish during the license period.

If you were to process the full file each day you would process a total of 18.231m records (49,950 x 365) but you would only be charged for the 49,950 records. You pay a single fixed price for unlimited processing based on the volume of customer records you have within your database (or those you need to maintain the accuracy of), and not the number of records we process, improve, update or flag.

What happens if I process more records than my band permits?

You will automatically be moved up to the next band and you and your account manager will be notified within the monthly report when this has occurred. 

How do I upgrade my band?

You can get in contact with your account manager and they will help with upgrading your contact record tier.

How many times can I process my records?

You can process the same records, a subset of these records and any additional records you obtain throughout the year as many times as you require; providing they amount to your approved total.

What results do I receive from checking my records?

You will receive a monthly usage report that outlines the results and key statistics of the records that you have processed.

Can I change/swap/add the services I have chosen to process my records against?

As it is on an annual commitment you will not be able to remove any services, but if you are looking to add one or more service then, please, talk to your account manager.

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