Store Locator

Are distances returned from the service "as the crow flies" or as road-travel distances?

Either. Depending on your requirements, you can configure your search to return straight line distances or road-travel distances. You can also get coordinate data from us and calculate straight line distances.

I made a new location list - so why is my store locator still returning results from the old list?

The licence key you are using to submit your store locator requests will be set to point to a specific location list. Therefore, if you have created a new location list, the licence key must be changed to perform searches against it. This can be done in the Services section of your account, by selecting the key associated with the store locator service.

Is the Store Finder service available internationally?

Yes, we can provide international store finder coordinate data for most major trading countries around the world.

What do I need to pay to use Store Finder?

Store Finder is paid for on a pay-per-click basis. All pricing options can be viewed on the pricing page.

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