How do I get the geolocation service on my website?

If you're already using our address verification tool, you can activate the geolocation feature in your account. If you're not already using Loqate, check out our quick setup guide to get started or start your free trial

What is the geolocation API?

Loqate's geolocation feature enables mobile users to find their location in the click of a button, based on the geolocation of the user's mobile device. This technology eliminates the need to type an address. 

What is the radius for the geocode search?

Within the API, the radius defaults to 50m, but the parameters are customisable.

How many addresses will be returned?

Ten address options are returned as default, but is easily customisable. 

Are the search parameters customisable?

Yes – the radius and number of properties returned are customisable. These settings are exposed on the key, which allows you to configure the radius on a per case basis.

Which countries does this cover?

Geolocation is currently for Britain only and uses the AddressBase Premium dataset. We are working hard to make this available in other countries soon. 

How much does geolocation cost?

Geolocation can be paid for either on a pay as you go basis or via a license agreement. Get in touch to find out more.

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