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How to set up Loqate with BigCommerce

Before you start, make sure you have an Loqate account. If you don’t already have one, you will need to sign up.

Set up a new service

Log in to your Loqate account, add a new service, and select BigCommerce from the list of supported platforms.

We have provided some JavaScript code to add to your store, to enable the Loqate service. Within the admin section of your BigCommerce store, browse to ‘Advanced Settings’ on the left-hand menu, and then select ‘Web Analytics’.

If not enabled already, tick the Google Analytics checkbox in the Analytics Packages options, and then Save at the bottom right of the page.
Once Google Analytics is enabled, select its further options, and paste the provided code into the ‘Tracking Code’ text box.

Enable the new service

Once the provided code has been added to your BigCommerce store, we need to set up some field mappings on your account. This can be done automatically. Go back to the Loqate page where you copied the code, add your BigCommerce checkout URL into the text box, and click the Generate My Mappings button.

Test the service

To test the service, navigate to your BigCommerce checkout and start typing an address. Loqate will suggest options as you type.
Select the address you were looking for, and ensure the BigCommerce checkout address fields are populated as expected.


If the service doesn’t work as expected, please ensure you entered the correct URL for your checkout earlier in this guide. You can always go back and re-generate the mappings, with an updated checkout URL. Please note, this will clear out any existing BigCommerce keys associated with your account.

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